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Sciatica (sciatic nerve)- An incapacitating pain


Everyone who has had a sciatica or pinched sciatic nerve knows the pain that can be caused. It sometimes start with an ache in your lower back that gradually seem to increase down your leg and farther it goes the more severe the pain becomes. What causes them? Sciatica issues can be caused overtime or [...]

Sciatica (sciatic nerve)- An incapacitating pain2021-02-04T19:54:48+00:00

Sciatic Pain- How to get relief! Part 2


If the sciatic pain is related to a hip that is rotated forward, the sciatic pain may actually be connected with an overtight illiacus muscle (located within the inside curve of the hip bone). When the hip rotates forward it will actually overstretch the piraformis and this can cause the sciatic pain. In this case [...]

Sciatic Pain- How to get relief! Part 22018-08-17T18:00:18+00:00
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