Tammy has been in five car accidents in her life and lived in constant pain. Hear Tammy’s story on how she found help with our work and highly trained therapist, Peggy, at Surgical Alternative. You don’t have to live in pain.

Pam Mann with Surgical Alternative is a true professional massage therapist. With her extensive training, she can cure any type of pain in the body.  My wife had a long-term problem with her neck and had gone to many other massage therapists.  Pam is the only one who got rid of the pain in just one visit. Tibor

Pam Mann of Surgical Alternative applied deep tissue massage to my shoulder, knee , and worked with my Restless Leg Syndrome during multiple visits.  Although Pam did massage on places that were painful, she knew exactly how to make adjustments in the pressure to produce the highest level of results without going beyond my tolerance level.  I would highly commend her personable demeanor and her professionalism.  She made me feel comfortable and has magic hands!  Thanks Pam!  Carin

Ten Months Ago, I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis on my left foot.  In an effort to heal the injury, I pursued the advice and therapies of podiatrists, an orthopedic, a physical therapist and chiropractors. After unsuccessful treatment attempts via Cortisone shots, rounds of ultrasounds and muscle stim, electo-shock therapy, anti-inflammatories, orthotics etc., my final resort seemed to be plantar facial release surgery.  I knew that I didn’t want to have surgery.  My friend suggested I try Peggy.  Approximately 9 weeks ago, I “hobbled” into her office.  My goal was to walk with less pain.  My dream was to run again.  As an avid runner, this injury took away my favorite hobby. On our first visit, I explained to Peggy that my pain level was about a 9 as I tried to walk. I couldn’t even stand on my left foot at that time. Peggy worked on my core muscles as she explained that my hip alignment could be a factor in my injury. At that point, I was hoping anything would work to alleviate my pain.  The week following my first session, I had some slight relief. Fast forward about four sessions, I was walking fairly pain free and attempted to run again. At that time, I felt like Peggy’s therapy was like magic! I couldn’t believe my progress. After eight sessions with Peggy, I am walking pain free and running again! It is truly a gift.  She has given me an important piece of my life back…running! In fact, I am up to a 60 minute run on any given day.  I am now entertaining the thought of doing some racing again. It is truly remarkable. Peggy told me on the first visit that I would run again and she was right! I am truly grateful to her for giving me my life back! She is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and confident. Her confidence that I would improve helped me to commit to the eight sessions.  I feel at times that I have to pinch myself…I cannot believe that I am at this point. In my health partnership with her, I am nearly 100%!  Tricia (Tarpon Springs, FL)

Unfortunately or fortunately, I have reached “senior citizen” status, a point where maturity is not for wimps!  Over the years my sports activities and work have taken their toll on my back and other body parts and professional and intelligent care is needed from time to time.  For the past thirty years I’ve had to go to multiple chiropractors for back and sciatica issues and a lot of times without any positive results.  You know the pain and subsequent restrictions or you wouldn’t be reading this so don’t have to dwell on pain.    I was referred to Peggy Boyd in 2009 and have been enjoying her therapy since that time.  She is an educator, very personal and giving and a very talented technician.  On each visit, she has managed to substantially reduce my pain and normally provide total pain relief, something that hasn’t always been achieved with chiros!  Since our pain issues normally relate to bone and muscle, her “Surgical Alternative” treatments will help you as well.  Once treated, I highly recommend every other month treatments.  Simply put, Peggy has been a Godsend for my pain and could be for you as well.  Try her, you’ll love her!!      Bill Phagan (Land O Lakes,FL)

I’d like to say to each of you, please don’t give up on health or give into your pain.  I have been in chronic and acute pain for over 20 years due to accidents and health issues.  I have tried all the conventional treatments- medication, nerve blocks, physical therapy and alternative as well; chiropractor, massage, acupuncture,etc.  Peggy is the perfect person to help alleviate your pain.  She explains the therapy process, how the mechanics of your body work and where the breakdown of your structure is located.  She invites you in to participate in your own healing and provides a safe and secure environment for you.  Peggy has honed her skills and knows exactly what is happening with your tissues and fascia and her healing hands are more than capable of bringing relief.  I travel from Virginia to Lutz for my treatments because I know my cranial pain will be reduced.  It gives my soul a chance to breathe again. I am not healed, but I know I moving toward better health and less pain.  If you are contemplating surgery, more pain medications, or just depressed and given up.  PLEASE give Peggy a call. You will be glad you did.  Blessings and Restoration to all…… (Lucia Lucas, Richmond, VA)

As an entrepreneur, I put in long hours driving to manage my jobs around town.  Those long hours behind the wheel started giving me neck and arm pain.  My neck was so tight that I could barely turn to see my blind spots.  My arms started going numb while driving and I had this headache that wouldn’t go away.  My doctor provided me with muscle relaxers and pain relievers for my pain management.  Things came to a head when my sleep started getting disturbed.  A family member had been talking about their successes with Peggy and strongly urged me to go.  I felt so much better after my first session.  She also helped me get rid of other aches and pains that I’d grown accustomed to as well.  Now I know who to call when I need pain relief!  (Stanley, Tampa, FL)

I incurred lumbar and cervical injuries as a result of an automobile accident in March of 2008.  I underwent physical therapy (PT) for 5 months soon after.  While I received some help with the PT, it did not resolve my pain issues, flexibility and range of motion for my lumbar and cervical injuries.  I began therapy on July 17, 2008.  Though I am not pain free, I feel that we are making more progress then when I was merely taking physical therapy.  These individuals have helped me in my arduous journey towards recovery.  These people are not only quite proficient in what they do, but also have a caring attitude regarding assessing the proper protocol for each patient based upon their presentation at each session.  This is not a paid solicitation or offer of a “work-out”, but merely a recommendation from one friend to another with the hopes that you will afford these people time to come, meet and demonstrate the care that they can provide for other patients.  Wishing you continued success! (Mr. Jones, Tampa, FL)

When I first came to see Peggy, I was experiencing a pain cycle that I just couldn’t get under control.  I had tried normal physical therapy, craniosomatic therapy, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture.  None of those modalities seemed to give me much relief.  I would see a difference for a few days and then the cycle would return.  After my first session with you, I was absolutely amazed at the difference in my body.  My pain level was down by at least 80% and my body was capable of maintaining that relief.  I am looking forward to complete relief as you work through the issues that you found were the root of my pain.  Thank you so much for your expertise in your field.  I hope many more people will be as positively affected by your work.   (Susan, Tampa, FL)

I was diagnosed almost 3 years ago with Scoliosis.  This gave me some relief that I now know what was causing all my pain.  My knees hurt, my neck would sometimes lock and my lower back was in constant pain.  I had to roll out of bed as I could not sit straight up in the mornings.  According to the orthopedic doctor, the outlook was not bright. They wanted to put me on pain medication, a body brace and possible surgery.  None of this was me.  I have always lived a healthy lifestyle and I had no intentions of changing, but what could I do?  I started to do some research on the internet on alternatives to help with my Scoliosis, with no real success.  One day, by chance, I was speaking to a co-worker concerning my plight and she said, “My daughter is now practicing massage. Let me ask her if she knows anything that could help you”.  Her daughter recommended I call Peggy Boyd at Surgical Alternative. That was one of the best phones call I ever made.  Peggy changed my life for the best.  I have been going to Peggy Boyd for two and a half years now and thanks to her, I am back to doing all that I used to do, and more importantly, without Pain!  If you have Scoliosis, this is where you need to be! No drugs, no body brace, no surgery. Peggy gave me my active life back and I am forever in her debt. (Ann, Brandon, FL)

I have had neck and back problems for as long as I can remember.  I have been treated by chiropractors, D.O.’s, M.D.’s, massage therapists, had acupuncture, injections, traction and every wholistic homeopathic treatment one can think of.  The end results have always been extremely temporary and never completely satisfactory.  The treatments modalities Peggy offered to me not only were uniquely new and refreshing, but ultimately gave me both emotional and physical pain relief that I had not experienced in my life.  She is highly trained, has exceptional bedside manner and is able to get to the “root of the problem” through what I would call “advanced” massage techniques and (CSB) therapy, which allows for emotional release of issues causing both psychological and physical pain.  I would highly recommend anyone who has been suffering to give Peggy a chance to bring your mind, body and spirit back into balance.   (Ruth M, Lutz, FL)

As a former athlete, I have been playing sports throughout the majority of my life.  As I have gotten older, I can feel all the aches and pains my body has endured over the years. I hurt my ankle a couple years back and went to the doctor to have it looked at. The doctor said it was a sprain and to stay off it for a couple weeks.  I couldn’t afford to be off my feet, or even on crutches for a couple weeks, so I searched for an alternative.  Surgical Alternative came highly recommended, so I decided to go see them and the results were fantastic.  They were not only able to cure me in just 2 sessions, but they also found some other issues, like built up scar tissue around the ankle that was causing the severe pain and repeat issues.  I have since been back many times to maintain the balance and stability of my body and muscles and I have never felt better.  If you are tired of taking pills or being told you just have to live with it, then give them a try.  Peggy, you saved me. (Greg, Tampa, FL)

I had been walking with a limp for a few weeks when my children referred me to Peggy.  I planned on calling her, but things were busy and I kept putting it off until one day, the pain I was experiencing in my lower leg and knee, were bothering me so much, others were commenting on my limp.  I was having pain when I would take the stairs, when I was sitting too long, getting in out of the car and especially when I had lots of walking to do.  The (SET) therapy work that Peggy did helped me so much.  After just a couple of sessions, I was able to regain all my activities and daily living…pain free!  (Lynda, Tampa, FL)

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 1 year and a half.  My OB diagnosed me with “endometriosis” and also informed us that my case was advanced.  I was referred to Peggy and was told that she was the person that could help you when you had something that no one else could.  I saw her for 2 sessions and we were able to conceive on our own, two months after.  We can’t thank you enough! (Jennifer, Lutz, FL)

I played competitive sports all the way through college, and as a result, did a lot of damage to my body and my legs in particular.  As time went on, the discomfort got to the point where I could not stand or walk more than a few hundred yards without sharp extreme pains in my shins and knees.  The pain would get so intense that I had to eliminate any activities which involved running/jogging or extensive walking from my life.  I felt like I was living in a tiny box.  Then, while in Tampa, I was introduced to Peggy’s Cranial Structural Bodywork (CSB) practice and gave it a try after hearing several fantastic endorsements of her results.  I feel like Peggy literally performed miracles on my legs and the pain. After only a few sessions, the pain subsided.  The best part is that over three years later, the pain is still gone.  Needless to say, I am ever-so thankful to Peggy and the work she does to help people recapture their quality of life…and the best part is that it is not a masking treatment; it has long lasting affects! Three years pain free and counting! Thanks Peggy!!! (Don West, Jr., Newport Beach, CA)

“As a Neurologist and medical writer, I spend many hours at the computer, and sometimes get a stiff neck from having to use the keyboard while cradling the phone receiver between my ear and shoulder.  My husband and I are also competitive amateur ballroom dancers, and we do Theatre Arts, a form of dancing that involves overhead lifts. During a period in which we were learning many new lifts for a new routine, while I was still heavily involved in my usual work activities, I developed pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders.  The pain and tingling also radiated down my right arm to the fourth and fifth fingers.  Deep muscular work on the soft tissues of the neck, and on the shoulder and arm using the carpal tunnel / nerve entrapment protocol, relieved the neck pain and stiffness as well as the tingling sensation in the fingers, and it has not been a problem since.Involvement of the fourth and fifth fingers suggests to me that this was not a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome, which typically involves the thumb and index finger, but rather that it reflected nerve entrapment of fibers originating from the C8 nerve root, traveling through the brachial plexus, and becoming the ulnar nerve.  The deep muscular work using this protocol relieved these symptoms of nerve entrapment.”   (Laurie Barclay, M.D.)

“I started having pain, numbness and weakness of my right hand.  The pain was so severe, it was beginning to wake me up from sleeping several times during the night.  In just a few sessions of treatment using the carpal tunnel protocol in this book, the pain and weakness completely subsided and my hand feels normal again.  I would highly recommend the therapy for the treatment of pain.”  (Melanie F.,  Physical Therapist, Tampa, FL)

“I have had carpal tunnel syndrome for perhaps twenty years, and have experienced numbness, tingling, pain, inability to sew, write or work on projects involving small motor control with comfort.  Since I have been treated with the (CSB) therapy carpal tunnel protocol, 10 sessions in all, I find that the pain is no longer evident, the tingling and numbness is greatly improved, and my ability to do tasks involving small motor control, such as typing, writing, and cutting has been extended, in terms of repetition, at least double, if not three times the length of time, I could comfortably perform these tasks.  I hope we can continue in the Fall.”   (Gail B., Connecticut)

“I’ve been typing and working on computers for 25 years.  I thought I must have been immune to Carpal   Tunnel Syndrome.  However, a few months of typing while standing up over a counter had left me practically as helpless as a baby.  I needed to use two hands to pick up a ream of paper (500 sheets) or a can of soup and I would experience excruciating pain in the joints in my thumbs and wrists.  After just three SET treatments the pain was gone!  A few more follow up visits rid the rest of the minor aches, and provided me with some useful preventative tips.  I can’t say enough good things about Surgical Alternative – it allowed me to continue to work in my field of expertise without the expense, trauma, and recovery time (6-12 weeks) of conventional surgical treatment.”  (William B, Tampa, FL)

“I originally came in for therapy to resolve some knee issues I was experiencing while running, but I left my first session with many more issues resolved as well.  My back was released from a pain that I had been experiencing for a couple of years since having my first child!  And, I was able to breathe better through my nose, too.  Overall, I feel more able to move my body more freely, much like that of a child!.  I have been able to continue and enjoy my running because of this therapy.  As a result of my body being more properly aligned, I have even been able to run faster!”    (Paula M, Tampa, FL)

“For over 25 years I’ve been a runner who has had to deal with a constant flow of nagging injuries.  Injury management had become an expected part of my training.  My therapist [noted] several muscular and structural imbalances and used Cranial Structural Bodywork therapy to correct.  I’m 38 years old and for the first time in all of my life I am not dealing with injuries on a day to day basis.  I’ve been able to increase my training volume and recently completed my first Ironman.”    (Steve M., Tampa, FL)

“…[I had] a very tight left shoulder and lower back.  After my first session my left shoulder was immeasurably better.  After the second session both my left shoulder and my lower back felt completely released.  …Overall after each visit I felt looser, taller and more relaxed than I have in years.”    (Wendy E, Tampa, FL)

“…I have had such relief from pain that I’ve been able to begin again doing many of the things I thought I had given up forever.  Last week I hooked and boated an 85 pound Tarpon!”  (Carol Gottshalk, Land O’ Lakes, FL)

“…I don’t have to wake up with the fear of the pain and stiffness that wouldn’t even let me move around the bed without suffering that intense pain”   (Dante, Port St. Lucie, FL)

“…I could wear ‘heels’, dance and power walk for the first time in over a year!  It was amazing, I had no pain, I could move with 100 times the flexibility!  I talked about Surgical Alternative to everyone…and how Surgical Alternative has changed my life”   (Jenny L., Port St. Lucie, FL)